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    Vegetarian suggestions are meals without meat (beef, chicken, seafood)
    These meals do still include dairy, wheat, nuts, etc..
    Please note our prices are GST inclusive

    Hot Sauce DipMild ranchero sauce served with heated corn chips.$7.95
    Frijole DipWhipped beans, garnished with ranchero sauce & cheese, served with heated corn chips.$7.95
    Queso FundidoA blend of melted cheeses, fresh ripe tomatoes, onions and peppers, presented piping hot with heated corn chips (highly recommended).$9.95
    Combination DipServing of above 3 dips with heated corn chips.$10.95
    TacoSeasoned filling of your choice topped with onions, lettuce, cheese and ranchero sauce, surrounded by crisp folded half moon shaped corn tortilla (soft wheat tortilla extra .50c). 
    Vegetarian - Frijoles (whipped beans)$4.50
    Picadillo (frijoles, almonds, sultanas)$4.50
    Chilli Sin CarneA tasty dish of corn and capsicum, simmered with tomatoes, beans, onions, herbs, spices, garnished with cheese & coriander.

    Served with heated corn chips.
    TostadaCrunchy corn tortilla heaped with frijoles, lettuce, onions, cheese and sauce. 
    Vegetarian - Frijoles (whipped beans)$9.95
    Picadillo (frijoles, almonds, sultanas)$9.95
    NachosTriangles of toasted corn chips, smothered with oven grilled cheese and drenched with ranchero sauce, served on a bed of beans.½ serve $9.95

    Full plate $12.95
    Nachos San AntonioNachos with jalapenos, sour cream, olives.½ serve $10.95

    Full plate $13.95
    Montezuma's DelightA corn tortilla smothered with frijoles, cheese, heaped with a diced vegetable salad, ranchero sauce, sour cream, topped with sweet black olives. 
    Vegetarian (frijoles, rice and cheese)$15.95
    EnchiladasSoft corn tortilla dipped in sauce, rolled and topped with cheese and oven baked in Mexican sauce. 
    Vegetarian (beans and cheese) served with rice & beans$15.95
    Picadillo (vegetarian with almonds & sultanas) rice & beans$15.95
    Cheese capsicum and olives served with rice & beans$15.95
    BurritoWheat tortilla with sour cream & filling as below, baked in oven. 
    Vegetarian (beans, rice, cheese) served with rice, beans & olives 
    #7 Combination DinnerVegetarian - Chilli Sin Carne, vegetarian taco, vegetarian enchilada, served with rice.$19.95
    #11 Taco PlatterVegetarian - 3 frijole tacos and salad.$15.95
    #13 AcapulcoPicadillo taco, frijole enchilada and rice.$17.95
    #17 Speedy GonzalesVegetarian - Chilli Sin Carne, heated corn chips, vegetarian taco and salad.$17.95
    #18 Tostada PlatterChoice of 2 tostadas with salad. 
    Picadillo, Guacamole, Vegetarian$20.95
    #28 San DiegoBean enchilada, cheese enchilada rice and salad.$22.95
    #29 Vera CruzCheese enchilada, bean burrito, rice and beans.$23.95