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    Mexican Date Cake 

    (Montezuma's famous cake with walnut & syrup topping served warm with ice-cream)
    Mexican Flan 

    (traditional creme caramel served with ice-cream, sultanas and almonds)
    Chocolate Mousse 

    (a favourite chocolate delight served with cream)
    Mexican Mango Mousse 

    (a light tropical treat served with cream)

    (vanilla ice-cream served with chocolate or strawberry topping)
    Helado con Coconut Liqueur 

    (vanilla ice-cream drizzled with coconut liqueur)
    Helado con Kahlua

    (vanilla ice-cream drizzled with Kahlua)
    Mexican Kahlua Coffee

    (topped with whipped cream)
    Coffeefrom $2.50